What to expect for pregnancy sessions

How to prepare for your pregnancy photography session

Pregnancy sessions are best between 28-32 weeks. You want a nice round belly and this varies for every woman.

Hair and Makeup is optional. We do suggest when doing your own to go heavier on the mascara and lipstick and wear foundation or powder.

We do not charge extra for children or spouses.


We have a few gowns, tutu skirts, bandeaus, shorts, tops, robes and specially designed for your maternity photos but you can also bring (but not required)

  • Jeans that go below the belly
  • Yoga pants
  • (nude undies are suggested)
  • Bandeaus Strapless bras Boy shorts Lingerie
  • Tight Dresses or maxi skirts
  • Tight tanktops
  • Button down sweaters or shirts
  • Robes

Optional: Jewelry Hats Scarfs Wraps Cute Shoes

Fun things:

  • Ultrasound photos
  • Baby booties
  • Balloons
  • Nursery items
  • Personal momentos

For partners clothing, we suggest solid and simple. Tees, polos or dress shirts are all fine – just keep them solid. We suggest a light and a dark shirt to adjust to what Mama is wearing. Men and boys should have similar clothing. It is suggested to dress according to one’s own personal style keeping in mind the decor of the home. Choose colors that are complimentary to the home when displayed on the wall or around the house.

Shoes are optional. Accessories always welcome.

Pinterest boards are accepted for us to view prior to the session.

  • Eat a very good meal before you come.
  • Drink at least 16 ounces of water before their session or drink 8 and bring a bottle.
  • Bring snacks
  • Most important – feed the MEN – they get hungry too.
  • Try and not plan another activity that day so you can rest and just focus on the session.